Professional Services

Our professionals are certified in project management, and will work with you to plan every aspect of your project. We can make sure your needs are met, and that your project gets done on time, and on budget. Our 3 phase approach helps guarantee success.



We enter every job with a plan. Our experts will look at every piece of the network to determine what gets affected and how we can minimize downtime to ensure productivity.



Once we have a plan, we execute it. Our personable and professional technicians will ensure every part of the job is carried out and documented.


Follow Up

Our professional services are not complete until we have 100% from you and your business. We often guarantee support a month following installation as we realize new errors could arise.

IT Assessments

Any questions about IT Integrity or the services we can be performed can be answered with an IT assessment. An IT assessment is where a potential partnership between IT Integrity and you and your business can begin to blossom.

Plan — IT Integrity’s IT Assessments are designed to learn more information about the business and discover how we can be of value to its growth and success. IT Assessments allow us to gather information about the business’ issues while providing you with the best possible solution.

Execute — Once we’ve gathered all the required information, we’ll develop different scenarios with different budgets to maximize the business’ efficiency and repair any issues we’ve come across.

Follow up — After we’ve created multiple proposals and sent them into the company, we’ll follow up to see what the decision makers are thinking. We present any issues we’ve come across, how we’re going to fix them and solutions that the business can enact to ensure lasting success.

Server Migrations

Upgrading to a new server, and migrating information for the old one can be a challenging task for business owners – no matter how tech savvy they may be. IT Integrity is here to help businesses with any server mitigations problems they may have.

Plan — IT Integrity analyzes each and every part of your network infrastructure before doing any migrations. This allows our experts an opportunity to map every role your current servers are fulfilling. From simple file sharing to complex SQL databases, everything your server is doing will be taken into consideration.

Execute — Once we’ve figured the roles the server fulfills in your business ecosystem, we’ll begin to start the migration process. Before starting any migration, we ensure all of the data is thoroughly backed up. In addition to this, we have multiple techs onsite to ensure we meet every deadline. Our ability to work around your schedule, budget, and functionality is the number one priority of IT Integrity Technology Solutions.

Follow Up — Once the server solution has been put in place, we follow up with documentation and reassurance to make sure everything is operating to the business’ standards. We ensure that every user and the device they’re using is functioning the way it should be. Our server migration projects are handled with the utmost care and professionalism to make sure no problems occur. With IT Integrity solutions, you’ll be working with dedicated and experienced engineers that work with you to make your business operate smoother.

Virtualization and Consolidation

Virtualized servers are an attractive data solution to many businesses due to the savings and efficiency they can offer to your business. Server visualization allows businesses to consolidate their servers from many large computer towers to considerably less, improving the business’ performance and lowering administration costs.

Plan — Our experts must learn about your business’ current hardware to see if it makes sense to virtualize your data solution. Once we have an understanding of your current network structure, we’ll begin to design a more efficient and consolidated solution for the business.

Execute — Once this design has been put into place, our IT engineers will work on consolidating the servers to the new virtual platform with as little downtime or interference for the users as possible. Working on your company’s functionality, budget and deadlines are our main priority.

Follow Up – Once the project has been completed, we make sure everything is operating smoothly. We document the work we’ve performed, and make sure everything works and exceeds your set expectations.

Hosted Email Migrations

If your business is following trends and moving towards platforms like Office 365 or G Suite for their email solution, IT Integrity is here to help make that a seamless transition. Migrating your email provider to a new setup can be complicated for people that haven’t done it before, and for that reason, we’re here to help.

Plan — First, we analyze the number of mailboxes you plan on transferring and their content, and we’ll create a plan to ensure the migration to a cloud-based platform is stress-free.

Execute — IT Integrity has an arsenal of platform support specialists paired with automation tools to tackle big projects with a not-so-big budget. Our personable dedicated customer service specialists will work with you and your team to ensure that every mailbox transitioned smoothly and just as it used to be to the new platform of your choosing.

Follow Up — Our dedication to your business doesn’t end at ensuring that the emailing platform is functional; we’ll even train your users to use this new platform. Our IT engineers will be there each and every step of the way to ensure 100% functionality and user satisfaction.

It’s easier than you think to get started.