Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

For decades, businesses have used tape backups and other internal systems for ensuring data is safe. Today, those methods continue to be expensive, unreliable, and expensive. Check out our solutions below.


It is essential to every business to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. There’s a quoted statistic within the IT community that “80% of business will go under after experiencing a data disaster”. IT Integrity is here to give you a peace of mind and ensure your data is safe and secure in any event that may occur. We partner with some of the leading backup and recovery providers such as VEEAM and Carbonite to give you the solutions that work best for your business.

Speed, Reliability, Scalability

Data Backup Solutions are configured with your business in mind! Don’t let your bandwidth, data amount, or current solution keep your from shopping better solutions.



Our compliance team can help determine a solution that works for your business. Our encrypted cloud solutions could be the best fit for your business!


Protect and Recover

Backups are performed automatically with constant alerts to our experts to ensure data is safe. Recover it fast with 24×7 support provided by our data team engineers!

Data Backup

Our Data Backup Service ranges from file-system to image backup with all different retention, size, and schedule settings.

Local Solutions

Protects Any Device

Restore Entire Volume or Specific Files, Emails, or Folders

Custom Scheduling

Fast Recovery Times Using Easy Recovery-As-Is Technology

Advanced Microsoft SQL Server Support

Business Continuity

This plan encompasses planning and preparation to ensure your business can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters.

The Complete Solution for Data Backup and Recovery

Fail Back to a Replacement Server

Save Critical Time Creating Complete Server or Desktop Images

Restore to Different Hardware

Configurable Frequency of Disk Image Versioning

Disaster Recovery

This is a security plan that is put in place with your current data backup services to protect your business from the effects of significant negative events.

Cloud Solutions

Performs Automated Offsite Remote Backups

Eliminates Hassle of Tape Archives

Protection From Theft, Fire, & Natural Disasters

Secure Data Through Encryption

Fast Recovery Point Objectives

It’s easier than you think to get started.